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Limitations of Windows Phone 7


Currently there is no direct way of getting the user-agent of a device, to be used in the posting of data to Bango. Having the user-agent enables the device to identified through the Bango Identification System, meaning the model information will conform with that used in web analytics.

There are several work-arounds available, but they are required to be done at application level and as such cannot automatically be done via the SDK. One such work around is available here:

If you choose to supply the user-agent using the above method, then please note as per this post:

The implementation of the above method can also be seen in the supplied Test Application.

The following permission is required <Capability Name="IDCAPWEBBROWSERCOMPONENT"/>

Should you choose to get the user-agent please use the BangoAgent.setUserAgent method to set the user-agent for use in the SDK.

Operator Connection Type

Currently there is no way of detecting the operator connection type, for example ‘GPRS’, ‘EDGE’, ‘UTMS’.
To avoid unrealistic skewing of results, the operator connection type is always set to ‘OTHER‘.


Currently there is no way of detecting whether or not a user is roaming. To avoid unrealistic skewing of results, roaming is always set to false. By default the Window Phone 7 Operating System will disable all data connections while roaming to avoid costly roaming charges.


The SDK uses the System.IO.IsolatedStorage.IsolatedStorageSettings.ApplicationSettings class to save any configuration options that you may have set, to be used when resuming from idle or ‘Tombstoning’.

While this method works, it can, on application exit, generate a System.IO.IsolatedStorage.IsolatedStorageException exception error.

This is documented by Microsoft:
Platform Notes: Silverlight for Windows Phone

On Silverlight for Windows Phone, IsolatedStorageSettings() is not thread safe and throws an IsolatedStorageException when Save() is called.

For further information please see the following documentation:;k%28DevLang-CSHARP%29&rd=true

As per this post:

Just referencing System.IO.IsolatedStorage.IsolatedStorageSettings.ApplicationSettings causes the error to be generated.

Posting Data To Bango

Data is posted to Bango automatically as part of the call to Bango.WindowsPhone7.SDK.BangoAgent.onStartSession()

This will attempt to post all stored sessions to Bango except the current session.

Should you want to post data at any other time, you can call the following method - Bango.WindowsPhone7.SDK.BangoAgent.postEvents()

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